Marie A. Reid, author of The Talkative Boy has the innate ability to write and  delightfully captivate the world of children, elevating their curiosity while  educating and entertaining them. 

Marie attended Excelsior High School in Jamaica, West Indies and Clayton  State University in Georgia, USA. She is an island woman, born and raised on  the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  

Marie migrated to the United States of America, making Atlanta, Georgia, her  second home. She later returned to Jamaica in 2016. Marie is also the author of  a poetry book entitled “Taste of the Heart.” Some of her work is featured in The International Library of Poetry.

Otewah Dunn, answers to Ote, is a delightful, high-spirited poet. Jamaican born and raised, an avid reader of stories;regardless of the genre and truly loves the art of expression through words. As a basic speaker of the Spanish and Hangul languages, she can attest there is no greater feeling than being understood when you speak.

Poetry has been her passion since her discovery of paper and pen, however, she took a keen interest in children's novels with little nieces, nephews and cousins newly in tow. The world from a child's point of view is captivating in its simplicity, and being who Ote is, of course she wants to share it with you.

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